Clowns of West Minster

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SKU-104-Original Work - Acrylic on Canvas 122x91cm
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When I came to England in the 90s, I watched a TV program one afternoon. It was a bunch of men and just a few women who were clowing about in a room with green seats. Some were Yeing and some were Naying. They looked like a group of clowns at a general meeting to discuss their next show. 


A few days later, I asked a friend who those clowns were and where they were meeting. To my surprise, she said it was the members of british parliament during a prime ministers question time session,  she said that it was the people who run the country.


Over to you. 

This work is available also as a 50 x 40cm print on museum archive paper, mounted and ready to put in a frame.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review