Black Death - Acrylic on Canvas

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SKU-98-Original Work - Acrylic on Canvas 122x91cm
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How do you beging to paint a disease? When I decided to create this work, I did not quite know where to begin. It was a subject so vast, which cut accross the whole of Europe and beyond. I had to find an angle in order to succeed in this work. I was lucky enough to have a light bulb moment. I was going to give it form. Once that was decided, the next question was what form. Finally, I settlled on the image which you see hear.


The Story : Black death was an evil queen with eyes as fierce as fire, a face as black as the night and with a flowing gown which swept away  everything in its path. She has come to take revebge on the world. But revenge about what?


This work is also available as a signed and mounted 50x40cm high quality print on museum archive paper, ready to put in a frame.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review