Girls of Parma

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So I went travelling in Italy awhile ago and being someone who never wants to miss an opportunity to paint, I decided to do an art  collection there. We were flying so it would have been difficult to take big canvases on the flight. Since I am clever, thank you! I decided to cut up squares of canvases of 60cm each. I folded these into the bottom of my suitcase and then packed some paints tubes and brushes and away I flew.

First major stop was Parma, we sat down at a cafe to enjoy the afternoon farniente. Lots and lots of young women were passing infront of us, the picture of health and youth. Some were walking and some just riding their bikes. Hence this painting was born

This painting is Acrylic on canvas professionally and elegantly framed. It will complement the decor of any stylish space. 60cmx60cm approx.


This painting is also available as a 40x40 signed print on museum archive paper.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review