Exhibited - Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition 2019

Director and Curator Doncaster Art Fair.


Finalist Global Arts Awards 2018

Not 30% Project (with Curator Kate Bryan) 2018


I am a UK based artist working from my studio in Doncaster. I paint stories on canvas and my preferred medium is acrylic.

My work is inspired by history, all sorts of history as well as stories. I have a questing mind, and a rich imagination


I am fascinated by what was before and how it has shaped our present. I am inspired by strength, the strength of a women.


I admire courage and I am moved by weakness and hardship. 

I paint my version of history; not the way it happened, but how I imagine it could have happened. I was not there so I create the past in my own imagination. Who am I to judge what happened in the past? I was not there present, so I paint the story as my mind imagines it.

I like to paint in bold right colours. I like to challenge and confront. Life is full of mysteries, who am I to judge but to comment? Painting is my therapy, an expression of my world view. In times of great emotion, painting frees my soul.


I get excited by a blank canvas, who knows what stories it holds for me. How will this end? How will it begin? What adventures will it drag me into?

My brush has a mind of its own. I create the images it wills me to. My hand and brush work as one, in conspiracy against my imagination and my plans.

I conceive a painting and plan, but the result is a stranger to me. This leads me to discover my own work the way you do and stare in amazement at the story before me.

Where did this come from, who are these characters, what are they doing inside my head. Painting is my writing and there is a lot to say.